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24 Oct 2017
Michelle Bridges How to get through the gym

Getting To, and Getting Through the Gym!

You know that old Girl Scout motto “Always Be Prepared”? Well that’s a damn good motto to live by we have found, preparation paves the way for success. Lots of people tell us they really struggle getting to the gym and then getting through the gym, and this is what we tell them works for […]

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14 Sep 2017
Stress Eating say no

Worst Foods For Stress

September is Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve decided to put some focus on things like stress and anxiety that many Australians suffer from, today lets talk stress eating habits. Hands up to all those stress eater out there? Yep as we suspected, there are a lot of hands. We all have that block of chocolate […]

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03 Sep 2017
frittata focus

Frittata Focus!

What’s fast to make, full of flavour, uses up leftover veggies and protein and is super economical?  The fabulous frittata! This dish, first originating in Italy, has become a firm favourite in our neck of the woods and for good reason.  Along with minestrone (another fabulous Italian invention), it was created as a way to […]

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07 Aug 2017

Team MB Photoshoot Fun!

Earlier this year, the MB team organised a photoshoot with Michelle Bridges and the renowned photographer Jez Smith, along with the fantastic make up artist Simone Forte and stylist Lucia Arias-Martinez to take a series of shots that reflect where Mish is at now, in this latest phase of her life.  Our brief was that we wanted a […]

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04 Aug 2017

How to Choose the Right Running Shoes For You!

Whether you’re a pro runner or just pounding the pavement for the first time, it’s important to know how to choose the right running shoe for you. Choosing your running shoes is just like choosing the best mattress or car for yourself – you spend a lot of time in them, so they need to […]

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28 Jul 2017
MB Active drink bottles

Drink Bottle TLC – How to Clean and How Often

Hold fire on taking a sip from your drink bottle! Ask yourself when was the last time you washed it…thoroughly?! Drinking water during the day is great for your body, and consuming it from your own reusable drink bottle rather than a single use plastic bottle is also great for the environment, that’s an A+ […]

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17 Jul 2017
Michelle Bridges Lunch Box Ideas

Break the Boring Lunch Box

Ok hands up, who finds that their lunches can be a little lacklustre, or maybe a lot? Who sometimes struggles for lunchbox inspiration – both for their kids and themselves? It happens to the best of us, and that’s why we need to build our box of lunch ideas and inspiration – so we always […]

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23 Jun 2017
Yoga Mat

How Often and How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are awesome and provide comfort we need when doing floor work. But have you ever got too close to your mat and smelled something a bit off? Chances are you need to desperately give that bad boy a good clean! With regular use, an accumulation of dirt, oil and sweat will end up […]

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02 Jun 2017


Osteoarthritis is one of Australia’s leading health concerns, and this week is Arthritis Awareness Week, dedicated to raise awareness about the rise of Osteoarthritis cases in Australia. Shocking statistics show osteoarthritis has skyrocketed since 2007, and there are many factors that could be the cause in this huge incline. I’ve teamed up with Medibank Australia […]

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