25 Aug 2017
Frozen Meals Delicious Nutritious

Just how healthy are ‘TV Dinners’?

TV Dinners, or ‘ready meals’ can be seem super appealing because they are quick and convenient when we are running short of time. Juggling daily chores along with working long hours of the day can mean the grabbing of a ready meal is far more appealing than the thought of a time-consuming cook from scratch.

While the lure of convenience and time-saving is strong, it’s important to remember that not all ready meals are created equal, and to learn what to look out for when choosing meals for yourself.  Most importantly, ready meals should only be an occasional part of your regular nutrition plan – Plan B rather than Plan A!

Look for ready meals that are low in sodium (salt). Less than 400mg (of sodium) per 100g is good, and less than 120g (of salt) per 100g is even better.

Avoid ready meals that contain trans fats and palm oil, both of which markedly increase the risk of heart disease.  

Sugar is often high in ready meals, so read the nutrition panel and choose meals that contain 15g or less (of sugar) per 100g.

Choose meals that have multiple serves of veggies in them, as this boosts the fibre in the meal (which helps keep everything moving through your digestive system, plus helps you feel full).

Check the portion size of your ready meal and make sure you’re not inadvertently eating for 2!

If you can, grab some extra greens to go with your ready meal. A handful of spinach leaves or rocket is an fast and easy way to add some instant freshness.

All the meals in the Michelle Bridges Delicious Nutritious range contain less than 450 calories per serve; are low in sodium, sugar and bad fats; and contain between 2-3 serves of veggies.  Best of all they taste delicious!  Available exclusively at Woolworths.