09 Oct 2018

Better Health – To Go!

When it comes to keeping control of your weight and overall health, what you eat and what you drink are MASSIVELY important.  Getting caught short and not having healthy choices when you’re out and about leads to crap being consumed and control being KO’d.  Which leads to weight gain and overall health decline. Which is not living our best lives! So how do you keep your control? By planning and preparing so that you can take your healthy food and drink choices with you, so you’re not caught short!


When you are planning and prepping your meals at home, you can make extra portions (which not only helps with the ‘caught out and about with no healthy food/drink choices’ but also with not blowing out your budget!), or you can make specific meals for out and about eating.  This way you cover your bases both at home and out, and this is how you stay in control of your weight and overall health. Does it take time and forethought? Yes? Can it be a drag? Sometimes, sure. Is it worth it? If you value your health – 100% yes!


There are TONS of recipes that lend themselves to extra portions, and are perfect for popping into your ‘control keeping’ containers.  Leftover lunches from last night’s beef & bean burrito bake or yesterday’s butter chicken can easily be dished into one of my bento boxes. Sling together a salad before you leave the house in the morning and bung it into one of my meal prep containers.  Make up a green smoothie and take it with you to work in my shaker bottle so you have the perfect snack for mid morning.  Use my soda bottle to take your water with you so you don’t have to buy a single use plastic bottle of water, saving your hip pocket and the environment.


Keeping your control comes down to the choices you make.  Sure there are going to be times when you can’t help being caught short, and you’re forced to choose between the lesser of two crappy options BUT for all those other times, you can make considered, conscious choices.  And those choices will contain and control the caught short times, so they don’t blow out your weight and overall good health. It’s your choice, choose wisely. Control what you can, when you can, and your health will thank you for it.