07 Aug 2017

Team MB Photoshoot Fun!

Earlier this year, the MB team organised a photoshoot with Michelle Bridges and the renowned photographer Jez Smith, along with the fantastic make up artist Simone Forte and stylist Lucia Arias-Martinez to take a series of shots that reflect where Mish is at now, in this latest phase of her life.  Our brief was that we wanted a whole range of images that would capture the many facets of Michelle. The athlete that she is – strong, athletic and feminine;  the business leader that she is – her experience, confidence and power; the woman that she is – dynamic, sexy and authentic.  A moodboard was created, venues were scouted and locked in, and we were ready to shoot!

The day began very early, on Maroubra beach with Mish braving the freezing temperatures in her swimwear so we could capture the beautiful dawn light.  We then moved to an amazing warehouse location in Alexandria which provided a rich and varied backdrop for the many different shots slated in, and there we stayed until we wrapped in the late afternoon.  There are a lot of people on the set of a photoshoot, as well as ‘the talent’ (aka Mish!), the photographer, the make up artist and the stylist, there was also a producer, two photography assistants, an assistant stylist, Michelle’s agent and the Team MB operations manager.  It made for a busy, exciting set and we were all pumped at how well the day flowed and the shots that we were getting.   

Choosing which shots we wanted post-shoot was almost the hardest part of the whole project – we were spoilt for choice (and wanted them all!), but eventually settled on what can be seen throughout our new website.  Several magazines and other print media are also choosing shots to use in various articles about Mish, and these will be published over the next few months.

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