24 Oct 2017

Getting To, and Getting Through the Gym!

You know that old Girl Scout motto “Always Be Prepared”? Well that’s a damn good motto to live by we have found, preparation paves the way for success. Lots of people tell us they really struggle getting to the gym and then getting through the gym, and this is what we tell them works for us and the other successful gym goers we know:

Getting to the gym

  • Have your gym bag packed and ready to go at all times. Have a spare set of undies, socks and a sports bra or crop top always packed in your bag, along with a sports towel, a hair tie and your gym pass. That way you only need to throw in a top, a pair of leggings or shorts and your trainers you’re good to get going.
  • Take your packed gym bag with you as you go to drop the kids off at school, or go to work or meet your friends for a catch up. That way if you have time around those commitments, you can get into the gym without wasting heading home to get organised before you can get going (and let’s face it, once you get home it can be easy to get stuck there).

Getting through the gym

  • Get gear that does multiple things. A gym towel that has a zip pocket for you to slip your gym pass and lip balm into; a drink bottle to stash your mobile phone and clip your keys onto like this one in the MB Active range. You’ll have everything you need with you at all times, and it’s all safely stowed away so you can focus on your training.
  • Get your training session on your phone so it seamlessly streams and is super easy to follow along to. The Michelle Bridges 12WBT Exercise Plans work just this way, either straight from the website or via the 12WBT Daily app.

So you can see that getting to and getting through the gym is simply a matter of being prepared. Getting everything you need ready to go and getting tools to get you through once you’re there. Train Hard!