25 Feb 2019

Keep pets cool in Summer

Water water everywhere! Make sure you have plenty of water bowls around, and keep them topped up at all times. Giving your pets plenty of options when it comes to when and where they can drink is super important.

Try this tip – freeze a big block of ice and put it out in a container so it melts slowly(ish) over time. The key here is bigger is better – so your pets lick rather than crunch, smaller pets can crack teeth if they’re trying to crunch ice cubes.

Slip, slop, slap! This rule is not just for humans but for our four legged friends also. Especially pets with white fur, and exposed noses. There are specific pet suncreams around, or look for human sunscreen that is zinc free (because zinc is toxic for some animals).

Have a hidden habitat. Pets need places to get into, that gets them out of the heat. Be sure your pets have access to somewhere that is not only out of the sun, but also out of the heat. A kennel or cage that is out in the backyard baking in the sun does not a hidden habitat make!

Avoid hot surfaces when out and about. The rule of thumb here is – if it’s too hot for your bare feet, then it’s too hot for your pets’ as well. Is the sand/footpath, road too hot for you to walk on? Then same same for your four legged friend. Stay on the grass, and/or have your pet wear shoes to protect their precious pads!

Always aerate! Pets need fresh cool air at all times – so wherever they are, inside or outside, make sure there’s a cool breeze blowing. If they’re inside beating the heat, be sure to have a fan blowing or the air conditioning on. If they’re outside, be sure that it’s in an area with constant air flow – and that the air is cool.