28 Jul 2017
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Drink Bottle TLC – How to Clean and How Often

Hold fire on taking a sip from your drink bottle! Ask yourself when was the last time you washed it…thoroughly?!

Drinking water during the day is great for your body, and consuming it from your own reusable drink bottle rather than a single use plastic bottle is also great for the environment, that’s an A+ in my books. Keeping your drink bottle nearby is an excellent reminder to keep you guzzling down that H2O. BUT we should only be drinking from regularly cleaned drink bottles.

The issue is that most of us don’t see the need to have to clean our drink bottles thoroughly because we have this misconception they don’t get dirty since we are simply filling our bottles with water.

Well that’s just not the case – we are constantly transferring germs from our mouths to our drink bottles and spreading lots of nasties if we don’t clean properly – it’s not just gross but it can cause illnesses!

A quick rinse out isn’t enough. That’s because mould can grow in all the crooks and crannies when we aren’t properly disinfecting our bottles of nasty bacteria!

Mould can be very challenging to eliminate once it has appeared, however you can clean your bottle thoroughly using baking soda, hot water and vinegar to reduce the mould markings.

How to clean your bottle:

Partly fill your bottle with equal parts vinegar and hot water and shake well.

Using a clean brush (a specific brush designed to get into drink bottle crooks and crannies is always a good choice), clean thoroughly and rinse well.

Refill your bottle with equal parts hot water and baking soda and again shake vigorously, then rinse well.

Let your drink bottle to dry completely – in the sun if you can. Think bone dry to banish the bad bacteria! A good tip is to leave the lid off your drink bottles when storing them so they can air can circulate and completely dries.

So how often should we be doing this thorough clean? In the perfect world it would be everyday, but provided you do a quick rinse with hot soapy water every other day, the detailed clean can be left to once a week.

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