Michelle Bridges: Booty Blitz 1 DVD


Michelle Bridges: Booty Blitz 1 DVD


Firm and shape your booty and blast your core!

Australia’s favourite trainer, Michelle Bridges climbs to the 39th floor to reach Twitter HQ in Sydney and bring you two 30 minute Booty Blitzing workouts plus a bonus 10 minute workout to blast your abs and upper body. Choose the workout you want. Each workout in Booty Blitz targets your booty, hips, thighs and abs constructed in a way to keep your body guessing to ensure you get the best results – Fast!

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FIRM: A 30 MINUTE SUPERSET CIRCUIT: Alternating between booty exercises and ab exercises you’ll be able to keep going without over-fatiguing one set of muscles. Firm is the perfect muscular strength foundation workout, so get ready to love how it makes your booty look and feel!

SHAPE: A 30 MINUTE COMPOUND SET CIRCUIT: Designed to test your muscle limits, you’ll do exactly as the name suggests, shape your booty and core by working the same muscle groups but in different ways. Using the principle of 3 exercises targeting one muscle group revisited 2 times you’ll feel and see the effects quickly!