MB Water Consumption Bottle 1L – Teal

Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 3.22.06 pm
Screen Shot 2021-07-26 at 3.22.06 pm

MB Water Consumption Bottle 1L – Teal


The Michelle Bridges 1 L Water Consumption Bottle is the perfect way to ensure you achieve your optimal daily water intake without any fuss or confusion. This lightweight yet durable bottle features hourly marker guides on the side to indicate the amount of water you should have consumed at each point throughout the day. The wide mouth opening ensures easy filling and water flow, and the contoured easy grip design makes it comfortable and quick to hydrate on the go.

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If you struggle to reach your daily water consumption requirements the MB Water Consumption Bottle is perfect for you! We’ve included hourly markings and measurements on the side of the bottle to help you stay on track. MB Team Tip – get some friends on board at your workplace to keep each other accountable and see who can reach their targets first!


  • Manage daily water consumption requirements with hourly guides
  • Wide mouth opening for speedy and controlled water flow
  • BPA free
  • Available in purple and charcoal