MB Active Light Power Band

MB Active Light Power Band
MB Active Light Power BandMB Active Light Power Band

MB Active Light Power Band


Give your body a complete strength workout with the Michelle Bridges MB Active Light Power Band. This premium latex band is designed to enhance muscular performance and increase muscular endurance. This kit includes a bonus wall chart to guide you through 18 strength building exercises.

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The Michelle Bridges Power Bands will help you lift your own body weight and provide an opportunity to perform full chin-ups and triceps dips. The Power Bands are long, looped and robust, making them ideal for adding intensity to free weight movements such as power lifting, squats, bench press and explosive exercises at the gym. Suitable for home use, the Bands will also challenge your muscular strength and can provide effective options for stretching the upper and lower body.


  • Power Band (light or medium)
  • Exercise wall chart featuring 3 x Total body strength workouts


  • Premium quality sculpting tool
  • Enhances muscular performance and endurance
  • Perform assisted chin-ups or dips
  • Superb strength training tool
  • Adds resistance to free weight sessions
  • Exercise wall chart with 18 exercises
  • Suitable for intermediate to advanced