what is saying "yes" to yourself all about?




Positive change comes when you keep saying YES to yourself everyday

This means saying YES to your goals, YES to the person you want to be and YES to all the little acts that help get you there.

You will find the YES icon we have created for you is a really handy tool. Based on academic research, the YES icon acts as both a trigger to remind us and as positive reinforcement to reward us for good behaviours.

This is why we’re including a little “YES” on everything we do and we hope it reminds you to keep saying YES to yourself with pride and to be inspired to stay on track with your goals.



The best way to get started is to print copies of the YES icon and stick it on things around your work and home that will help you make small positive changes every day? For example, if you wanted to drink more water, then stick a YES on your water bottle as a reminder. When you reach the last drop, remember to say "YES!" out loud and proud.


To help say YES to yourself:

1. Download and print the YES icon here - sign up to our Members Area at no cost to access the very useful YES icon.

2. Download the CHANGE CHART - Sign up for free to our Members Area to download this handy tool developed by the MB Team and was featured on The Biggest Loser  with great success by Team Red.

3. Read about "CHANGE TRAINING" 

4. Read and understand "WHAT IS CHANGE?"