1.     I'm having problems viewing the PDF file

  • The SSB comes as a downloadable PDF. If you are having problems viewing the file, it may be because the PDF reader on your device is out of date. We suggest you download a free PDF reader from Adobe at https://get.adobe.com/reader/

2.     i've downloaded sbb but can't find it or open it again

  • If you are having problems finding the file after you have clicked on the download link sent to your email, try looking in the DOWNLOAD folder on your computer/device.
  • To continue accessing SBB, you'll need to save the files to your computer/iPhone. We recommend using a PDF-friendly application such as DropBox or iBooks.  For example, to save the PDF to your iPhone or iPad:

3. can you please resend the link?     

If for some odd reason, you require the download link to be resent, you may request this here 


4. How do I install the seconds pro timed workouts on my iphone?

You may have read on page 20 of SBB or received an email from us with links to the timed workouts that we have pre-programmed into the app, Seconds Pro. Whilst we do not endorse and are not affiliated with any companies who develop workout timer apps, we happen to use this one internally and thought we would share the links with you.

If you are having problems installing the timer links onto your app, simply follow this step by step guide:



5. I’m very busy, can I split my workouts?

Of course you can split your workouts if you are finding that you are short of time. SBB has been designed to be short and effective – each is just 30 minutes in duration. But, if you’re short of time, you are better off splitting your workouts, than skipping them! Do make sure you warm up properly before you start each part of your split workout.


6.     I have an injury, can I still do the SSB?

If you do have an injury ( or haven’t exercised for a while), we recommend you see your Doctor or physiotherapist to get the all clear to begin exercising and to discuss any modifications you may need to make to the SSB workouts. You may find that you need to replace some of the exercises in the SSB workouts with some rehab exercises until you get the all clear from your medical professional. Alternatively, lower intensity options have also been provided for many of the exercises which may help.


7.     Do I need to join a gym or buy any fitness equipment?

The SSB workouts have been designed to be able to be completed at home, without any additional equipment. However we do recommend you get yourself a fitness mat for added comfort when performing floor exercises.


8.     How often do I need to work out?

You will be completing a 30 minute workout almost every day with rest days scheduled once or twice a week.

9.     Help, I’m finding the workouts too hard!

When completing your workouts (especially in the first week or so) feel free to push yourself as hard as you can, taking as many breaks as you feel you need. You should find that as your fitness improves, the number and length of your rest breaks will reduce.


10.     Do I have to share my Selfie?

No, of course you don’t have to share your Selfie. That choice is completely up to you! We do encourage you to take your Before, Progress and After Selfies so you can visually track your progress, but sharing your Selfies is up to you.

11.     How many calories will I burn when following the SSB workouts?

The amount of calories that a participant can burn while following an SSB workout (or any workout) will vary greatly dependent on things like how much you weigh, how fit you are, how tall you are or how hard you are pushing yourself. The best way to track the number of calories you are burning while exercising is to wear a Heart Rate Monitor (HRM). A HRM is the most accurate and consistent way to discover how many calories you are burning while following the SSB workouts.

12.     What happens if I miss a day?

Consistency is key to achieving great results with SBB, but if for some reason you miss a day, don’t despair. Pick it back up where you left off and substitute one of your upcoming rest days with the missing workout. Whatever you do, don’t let this one little hiccup derail you!

13.     I’m not achieving the results I wanted

If you are not achieving the results you expected, it may be an idea to check that your exercise technique is correct and that you are working as hard as you can during each workout you complete. It may also be an idea to look at your nutrition and perhaps consider reducing some of the calories you are consuming.


14.   I want to change my purchase email address

The SSB PDF can only be downloaded 3 times per customer. Once you have downloaded the SSB for the third time, access to the workouts will close. If you have at least one download still available and would like change your purchase email, please contact the MB team.


15.  my Credit Card has been declined

If your credit card has been declined, please double check that you have entered your card details correctly. If your card is still declined, please contact your bank.


16.  I have not Received a confirmation email/ payment receipt

Please allow up to 24 hours for your confirmation email to reach you. If it still hasn’t arrived after this time period:

i.     Incorrect email address – please double check that you have correctly entered the email address you would your purchase to be sent to.

ii.     Junk Folder – Make sure you check your junk/spam folder as our confirmation email may have ended up there.


17.  My download link has stopped working

To prevent illegal distribution, SSB can only be downloaded three times per purchase. Once you have downloaded the SSB three times, your download link will cease to work.