"Healthy food is too expensive", "healthy food doesn't taste good" or "eating healthy takes too much time" these myths sound familiar? 

Now, there's no excuse because we've teamed up with Woolworths to create Delicious Nutritious, a range designed to tackle these myths with meals that taste great, are nutritionally balanced and can be cooked in minutes. 

Nutritious - Snap frozen to keep in all the nutrients, all our meals are 4 star or above in health rating, and have been developed with Woolworths nutrition team to get the right balance of nutrients, whilst keeping saturated fat, sugar and sodium levels down. They are high in protein, a good source of fibre and have 3 serves of veg in each meal!  Because we believe it's what's inside that counts! 

Delicious - There are 6 meals to choose from, all of which have a wide variety of vegetables, incorporating flavours from across the globe and at only $7.99 they are feeling delicious on your pocket too.


The range is currently rolling out to all Woolworths Stores across the country!

Available to buy now at: